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Brand Assets

Bring the 2C2P brand to life with official brand logos, colours and brand elements.

Should you have any media queries or need assistance with applying or branding, talk to us here.

2C2P Logo

Brand secondary colours
The secondary palette is designed to provide creative flexibility. It should make up the remaining 50% in any brand communication we create.

Brand Fonts

Primary Typeface
2C2P’s primary typeface is Sohne Breit and it should be utilised extensively across all print and digital applications. It is important to note that these type of pairings (see below). This allows for clarity and a strong hierarchy for all communications.
Brand Font Sohne Breit
Secondary Typeface
In instances where Sohne Breit cannot be used, Roboto can be used as a substitute. For optimal legibility and contrast, use bold and regular text styles.
Brand Font