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Case Study

Backend Solutions and Technologies, Inc. (BEST) is a leading mobile development platform in the Philippines focused on creating smooth customer transaction experiences for B2C businesses.

Mega Pay Cover

Seamless and Scalable Payment Solutions for a Philippine Super App

The challenge

In 2019, BEST was preparing to launch Megapay, a digital e-wallet app that enables users to transfer funds, buy mobile data top-ups, and pay bills.

With usage of digital e-wallets predicted to accelerate rapidly in the Philippines, BEST needed to onboard a strong payment partner that could deliver a robust and scalable solution.

BEST was looking for:

  • A payment provider with comprehensive payment methods that could be integrated with Megapay’s various services
  • A secure payment platform
  • A long-term partnership that could support the expansion of Megapay’s services
  • A reliable support team that could respond to round-the-clock requests

How we helped

Since its launch in 2019, Megapay has been using 2C2P’s payment gateway and 123 service, which allows consumers to make online purchases without a credit or debit card. As over-the-counter payments are also accepted, this solution has enabled Megapay to expand its reach to the Philippines’ large unbanked and uncarded population.

With the integration of 2C2P’s payment gateway, Megapay can offer its users a wide range of secure payment methods. Following an uptick in transactions during the Covid-19 pandemic, 2C2P worked closely with the Megapay team to swiftly scale up the acceptance of payments. As a result, Megapay has seen a 70% year-on-year growth in payment transaction volume, and 100% growth in average monthly user acquisition.

As Megapay’s products and services expand, 2C2P will continue to explore new products and services to support and sustain the growth.

2C2P won us over with their scalability and comprehensive payments platform, which has been a key driver in Megapay’s user acquisition. Their reliable and responsive support team has helped us grow our e-wallet services and demonstrates our strong and synergistic partnership.

Ferdinand Buensalida Jr, Business Development Manager


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