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Asia's leading On-Demand - Carwash Mobile App

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The challenge

Startups are built on ideas and relentless ambition. But they also require processes and infrastructure to get their ideas off the ground - and to help them scale. Not all startups have the resources to make this happen.

Case in point: On-demand car wash mobile application INSTAWASH Thailand needed a payment gateway provider to support its vision of convenient car wash services, wherever a customer is located.

INSTAWASH was looking for:

  • A convenient, easily accessible and secure payment solution for customers to make quick payments.

  • A variety of payment channels to cater to customer preferences.

How we helped

Providing a secure payment system with a variety of payment channels.

With 2C2P in the picture, we are given an opportunity to include different payment channels on our mobile application. To our customers, they can choose the most convenient or preferred method of payment and it improves their overall service experience.

We can also leverage 2C2P’s reach in the Southeast Asian region if we have plans to expand to countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Their regional expertise will make it simple for us to reach new markets.

Mehran Zahraei

Co-founder & CEO of INSTAWASH Thailand

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