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Case Study


Founded in 2015, Smart Supplement is a fitness supplement retailer based in Hong Kong. The firm tailors its products to meet the specific nutritional needs of Asian fitness enthusiasts.

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Making Payments Diverse & Flexible for Fitness Enthusiasts

The challenge

Smart Supplement’s previous payment service provider was unable to accommodate the sale of some of their dietary supplements products. Processing fees were also expensive as the previous payment service provider had switched its pricing model to a high flat-rate model.

Smart Supplement thus needed an alternative payment service provider that could process payments for all of its products at lower transaction costs.

How we helped

2C2P incorporated our expansive suite of payment methods like digital wallets, QR payments, and buy now, pay later (BNPL) into Smart Supplement’s operations.

2C2P was also able to apply its unique expertise in Southeast Asia to connect Smart Supplement to the region’s most popular payment methods.


We used 2C2P’s Payment Gateway solution to expand our product range and target market, as well as to provide an all-in-one checkout experience for our customers with as many payment methods as possible.

Patrick Lian

Managing Director of Smart Supplement

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