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Case Study

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Ticketmelon is a dynamic online ticketing platform built for event organizers with a strong focus on data analytics.

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Scaling Businesses To Greater Heights

The challenge

A dynamic online ticketing platform built for event organisers, Ticketmelon caters to events of all sizes, with a variety of customization requirements. The platform sells tickets for over a thousand events per year from every industry - performing arts, business events, musicals and festivals included. Working like the ‘Facebook’ of online events, Ticketmelon needed a payment system that could fit its ambitions to go big.

Ticketmelon was looking for:

  • Payment acceptance solutions that cater to ticket buyers

  • Secure and reliable payment gateway provider that can handle large surges of traffic, especially when larger events are announced

How we helped

Providing a secure payment system that can be scaled on-demand, to meet the needs of organisers both large and small. A dedicated fraud team also monitors suspicious transactions or activity, providing peace of mind to both Ticketmelon and event organisers.

2C2P has enabled us to accept payment on a large scale with virtually unlimited constraints. We never have to worry about traffic surges and we can focus solely on our own performance, scalability and leave the rest to 2C2P. 2C2P also has a dedicated fraud team to help monitor suspicious activities, which helps us defray the situation before payment settlement.

Thanyakorn Hovongratana

General Manager of Ticketmelon

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