Reduce your business expenses with easyBills’ smart platform

With easyBills, merchants or billers need not have in-built credit or debit card acceptance mechanisms on their website. easyBills allows merchants and billers to issue digital invoices to their customers without the need to set up their own system, minimizing overall costs. Customers can simply pay using a credit or debit card, online or by using their mobile device.

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easybills smart platform

easyBills is an easy way to collect and pay your bills

Stacked with many features, easyBills is a great way for you and your customers to transact.


    easyBills is available 24/7. Your customers can pay their bills at any time of the day.


    On the go or at home? Your customers can enjoy the convenience of easyBills to settle their bills, via their mobile devices.


    easyBills is equipped with top-notch credit card processing systems and is compliant with the highest security standards. Now you do not have to worry about transactions not being processed


    easyBills provides your customers with a one-stop solution to pay their bills.


    easyBills works on multiple devices, including your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile device.


    Thousands of users have enjoyed the advantages of paying bills with easyBills. Get on-board today!

an easier way to pay bill

easyBills is the best payment service on web and mobile

easyBills lets your customers pay instantly. They can save their personal details, log in securely through their email address and phone number, and pay with a single tap. easyBills meets the highest security standard and is equipped with 3D secure.

easybills is the best payment service
Everything in a central dashboard
Everything in a central dashboard

View and manage all incoming payments, transactions statuses and details real-time from easyBills’ Dashboard. easyBills churns daily reports and makes it easy for our merchants to track, manage and send customers tax invoices and receipts upon successful bill payments.

easybills e invoicing

easyBills issues electronic invoices which are automatically delivered to customers via e-mail in a quick and convenient manner.

working as a team
Working as a team

We believe you don’t have to be an expert in payments to build your e-commerce business. With easyBills, you will have a team of 2C2P’s engineers, accountants, developers and designers behind you, working tirelessly and constantly refining your billing and payment flow.