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2C2P partnering with AIS, MasterCard and TBank launches the first prepaid virtual card in Thailand


AIS 3G 2100 reiterates the strategy Ecosystem, in corporation with 3 leading partners including MasterCard Worldwide, Thanachart Bank Public Company Limited and 2C2P (Thailand) Company Limited, redefining online shopping with the service “AIS mPAY MasterCard,” the online shopping card, under the concept “Online Shopping, Secured, Anyone can shop,” Thailand’s first prepaid purchase card innovation facilitating financial transactions for AIS customers to purchase goods online from the websites that accept payment by MasterCard, only filling up the amount as required, high security with 3D Securesending SMS to confirm identification prior to payment. AIS customers can use the service “AIS mPAY MasterCard” from today. Download mPAY App from App Store or Play Store on mobile phones. Exclusively for customers using online payment first time, from today to January 31, 2014, get 50% rebate up to 300 Baht.

Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang, SVP Digital Productand Service of Advanced Info Service (Public) Company Limited or AIS, disclosed “Following the launch of AIS 3G 2100 service since May 2013, besides continual efforts to developing various services in meeting lifestyles and requirements of customers, AIS offers “mPAY” service with business strategy focusing on total solution for online financial transaction accommodating AIS customers with goods and services payment, fund transfer and cash withdrawal simply on mobile phone. To date mPAY service has become successful with great welcome evidenced by over 1.2 million transactions per day, a 30% growth from previous year. At present, mPAY services 1 million customers, expecting 25% growth by the end of the year.

Despite rapid growth of e-commerce market, a number of consumers do not purchase goods online mainly due to (1) Not eligible to do transaction on credit card and (2) Not confident in credit card security for online payment. To relieve such difficulties while ensuring reliable and worry-free online shopping, AIS 3G 2100 establishes e-market expansion policy in line with the strategy Ecosystem, collaborating with 3 leading partners including (1) MasterCard Worldwide, credit card accepted by stores worldwide, (2) Thanachart Bank Public Company Limited, financial innovation leader and (3) 2C2P (Thailand) Company Limited, online payment security technology leader, offering the new online shopping experience with the service “AIS mPAY MasterCard,”online shopping card, formulated by the concept “Online Shopping, Secured, Anyone can shop,” for every customer group to purchase goods online from the websites with MasterCard symbol, safe and worry-free with no credit card. This is Thailand’s first prepaid innovation for banking transactions.

In the first phase, “AIS mPAY MasterCard” processes onshore payment for 100,000 online storesinThailand and will expand to every online stores with MasterCard symbol worldwide next year.

To use the service, simply download mPAY App from App Store or Play Store on mobile phone and activate the “AIS mPAY MasterCard.” Customers will receive 16 digit card number, CVC (Card Verification Code)known as the 3 digit security code and expiration date All information is required for online payment with price from 300-30,000 Baht per time securing financial transactions with3D Secureachieving international standard sending SMS to confirm identification of cardholdersprior to payment.

AIS customers open the service “AIS mPAY MasterCard” from today with no card activation fee. No documents are required. Special for customers using online payment first time, from today to January 14, 2013, get 50% rebate up to 300 Baht.

Mr. Antonio Corro, Country Manager for Thailand and Myanmar of MasterCard Worldwide, talked about the cooperation. “MasterCard has been leading the transformation of mobile phones into secure mobile payment devices and the ‘AIS mPAY MasterCard’ adds to our suite of revolutionary mobile payment offerings. Through this collaboration, MasterCard enables AIS to extend its existing closed loop mobile payment system to open loop payment, which means AIS mPAY users will be able to link a MasterCard payment card to their mobiles for safe, easy and convenient shopping on the go. Registered AIS mPAY customers will be able to make online purchases from sites where MasterCard is accepted, giving consumers the ability to make payments at more online merchants. This will in turn help merchants grow their business, and gain from the exposure of our marketing and promotion programs.We believe the value proposition of this mobile payment collaboration will enrich the lifestyle of the various segments of Thai consumers, for example Thailand’s youth segment – a rapidly growing influential group that has expressed keen interest in using their mobile phones as a wallet.”

Mr. Jean-Marc Dallaire, SVP Credit Card & Payments of Thanachart Bank Public Company Limited, unveiled “Consumer behavior toward online shopping tends to grow significantly, especially among 15-30 years old of age. However, existing financial products in the market cannot fulfill demand of consumers of such age range, including teenagers with no credit card, employees not ready to apply for a credit card and those who want to control limit amount for online goods purchase. Thanachart Bank, inspired by the concept “Thinkable, Doable,” in corporation with business partners, debuts the Virtual Prepaid Card, first time in Thailand, to satisfy consumers with unlimited online shopping, convenient and safe like never before.”

Mr. Piyachart Ratanaprasartporn, CEO of 2C2P (Thailand) Company Limited, said “After years of painstaking research and development, based on in-depth market understanding, 2C2P has developed an innovative prepaid card issuing technology. This technology powers the AIS mPAY MasterCard: the first card of its kind in the Thai market.The AIS mPay MasterCard brings together the global access of MasterCard, the strong financial management capabilities of TBANK, 2C2P’s proven secure and robust technology, all delivered with the unparalleled customer care of AIS.This card puts consumers, for the first time, in complete control of their spending and e-commerce activities. This card delivers the key customer benefits of: global reach, security, service and customer control. The convenience and security of the AIS mPAY MasterCard will further stimulate Thailand’s growing e-commerce market.The card is suitable for many consumer groups and will be especially useful for consumers with no access to credit or debit card service today, and those who wish to control their online payments with complete confidence.We thank our like-minded partners for believing in the AIS mPAY MasterCard concept from the beginning and working together with us to realize it as a product today.”