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First Meta and 2C2P Join Hand to Develop Co-Space Infrastructure

The digital goods e-commerce industry has grown tremendously in the past few years. Existing payment systems and infrastructure were initially built for ship-a-box models, and have unfortunately, not caught up with the demands of the industry. First Meta is partnering with 2C2P to develop a plug-n-play, integrated, co-space payment solution that processes both real and virtual currency payments for real and virtual goods.

Such a system would
- be able to handle micro-transactions in a cost-effective manner, particularly important for merchants offering digital content such as music, videos and games, as well as merchants using new business models
- allow real-world companies to easily expand into and conduct business in virtual worlds
- help merchants reach new geographical markets where traditional online payment methods like credit cards are not widely used
- greatly reduce time and manpower resources required from merchants to manage their payment system, an area which is essential for revenue generation but where most merchants do not have expertise in.

About 2C2P
2C2P provides robust, innovative and efficient hosted payment services processing e-commerce transactions with all major credit and debit cards. In other words, 2C2P provides comprehensive one stop payment solutions as a service. 2C2P’s SaaS payment services will enable companies to optimize their e-commerce payment revenue and mitigate various e-commerce frauds. 2C2P Pte Ltd is the wholly own subsidiary of SinaptIQ.

About First Meta
First Meta is the first real provider of financial services for virtual economies like Second Life’. On 31-July 2007, the company launched the MetaCard’s, the first virtual-currency-denominated credit card. First Meta is at the forefront of developing financial services for virtual economies, linking up virtual economies with one another, and integrating real and virtual economies. First Meta Pte. Ltd. was founded in Singapore in 2007 by Douglas Abrams and Aileen Sim.

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