Payments on social media:
Easy, Secure, No Hassle

Qwik brings you payments on social media, with these payment options:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Over-the-counter cash payments via our network of 400,000+ locations across Southeast Asia
  • Online Direct Debit Payments
  • ATM payments
  • Payment by mobile banking or internet banking service

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Qwik is Quick!

Social media fund transfers and payments are now possible with Qwik*.

Social media users can make fund transfers and payments via credit and debit cards on social media. For those without cards, they can pay via 2C2P’s 123 network that covers over-the-counter cash payments, kiosk and ATM payments, online direct debit, and internet and mobile banking.

manually payments and invoices
Are you still manually matching payments and invoices?

Qwik automatically matches payments and invoices, and provides you with a single itemised report. No more trying to decide which payment has been made and which hasn’t.
Click to view a sample report.

experience and reliability
Powered by 2C2P's experience and reliability

2C2P is the payment processor of choice for established Southeast Asia businesses and has been around for over 14 years.

It is amongst the largest payment processors in Southeast Asia, with offices throughout the region.

Qwik is powered by these foundations to give businesses on social media hassle-free payment services.

you asked we listened
You asked, we listened

For smaller scale businesses, 2C2P has built a system to make the integration easy and simple.

At the same time, we have trimmed our fees to make the service accessible to all businesses.

technology and security
Cutting-Edge Technology and Security for You

Qwik brings the convenience and security of 2C2P’s complete payments to smaller enterprises.
Qwik is available to you for all your customers.

reach a consumers
Reach ASEAN’s 600 Million Consumers

Qwik allows payment acceptance in Southeast Asia from all market segments –banked and unbanked, carded and uncarded.

The acceptance of credit and debit cards globally is made available, as well as the payment options via 2C2P’s 123 network.

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Qwik's quick support

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All Qwik users get full 2C2P services

user get full 2c2p service

You’ll experience:

  • The highest level of global security, backed by best-in-class payment security combining transaction velocity, digital fingerprints and data analysis;

  • Real-time fraud monitoring and management by a team of experienced experts. 2C2P’s platform complies with the latest worldwide security technology. It includes an integrated, robust and proactive fraud mitigation engine that allows you to track potentially fraudulent payments in real time;

  • Chargeback defence;

  • Fully reconciled payments;

  • Daily crediting of your receipts into your selected bank account;

  • Data security that is absolutely central to 2C2P, with all payment data encrypted using SSL 128 bit technology;

  • Products that comply with all relevant industry security standards under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS), VISA 3-D Secure protocol, MasterCard SecureCode and JCB J/Secure standards, ensuring you and your customers are protected from e-commerce fraud.