Success Stories

Miss. Kamonchanok Jittathorn Co-Founder of Ted and Pup

“The credit card payment is very helpful for us because customer has more confidence on our business like we are more professional.” Kamonchanok Jittathorn
Not just selling goods, but giving the special moment.

“Ted and Pup is customized and unique design gift shop that you can get a special moment for your love one. We don’t sell pillow, but we sell a moment to that people who get our gift and this makes more meaningful and moreover our customized design is like we try to serve customer’s need.”

What are tips for the success of your business?

“The Success for me, customer’s trust and reliability are most importance, so we try hard to have that. We work professionally, no matter what happen, we need to fix it out fast, solve the problems and care customer first. Even if we have just only two people to manage this business, but good thing is we can move faster, learn faster and adapt it easier, easier than a huge company. So it makes us go faster and can serve all demand of customer.”

How do you deal with competitor?

“For me, customized gift is a new trend and having competitor or same kind business of others is a good thing because they can make market like a burst and people in the market or customer will know that we have this trend in the market, they can be active and for us to think that I need to deal with myself and my business. We need to improve and go faster, when we are in this market, we can see many changes and many potentialities. How to move fast and how to learn things fast help us a lot growing.”

How do you think card payment acceptance help your business?

“The credit card payment is very helpful for us because the first is customer has more confidence on our business like we are more professional. And the other way is regarding our product, we need a lead time for processing it. Somehow, people don’t have money at that time but they need to use at exact date, so having credit card will help them to order right away and have a product on exact date they need to use. The price we sell is quite higher than average in our market. So it helps customer can easily make decision to buy it and furthermore it can help us remain the sale through during the mid of month because it’s usually a low period of this business.”

How about your experience with Qwik?

“The experience with Qwik I can say, I like it very much because as I said about customer’s trust and reliability that customer will have from us. This helps us a lot as we work on small team, it has platform which easily to understand and use. It helps us to have shorter working time and moreover I like Qwik’s support team a lot because when we face any issue, they can respond us fast, I feel like they don’t leave us alone and we don’t leave our customer alone.”