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A hub for digital goods, bills and services

Use our platform to list your digital goods, bills and services or extend your service offering to include digital goods, bills and services payment.

Built on 2C2P’s secure and comprehensive payments processing network, our hub for digital goods, bills and services will add greater convenience and value to you and your customers.

List your digital goods, bills and services

We aggregate popular digital bills and services into a single platform to bring greater convenience to you and your customers.

List your digital goods, bills and services with us to benefit from our wide network of merchants and customers, while not having to worry about payments processing and invoices.

Your customers will also gain access to an easy-to-use platform that accepts every payment method and allows them to pay for all the essential and popular digital goods, bills and services in one platform.

New easyBills feature:

SME invoices

SMEs can now register with us as a biller and upload invoices on our platform. The platform will automatically generate an invoice pdf with a payment option enabled. Billers can then send it to their payers who can choose from a range of payment methods to pay the amount owed.

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Digital goods, bills and services include:

Mobile top-ups
Utility bill payment
Gift cards
Game coupons
Transportation tickets
Movies and web entertainment


Minimise operating costs

Let us handle your payments processing and digital invoicing

Convenient and accessible

Our platform is available 24/7 on mobile, tablet and laptop devices

Generate new sales leads

Acquire new users through our extensive network


Our platform is compliant with the industry’s high security standards

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100+ billers have partnered us

Easybills by 2C2P
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Enable digital goods, bills and service payments

Add more services to your platform to add extra value to your customers’ lives. By integrating your platform with us, your customers will be able to review and pay for all their bills and digital services in one single location.


Increase usage of your platform

Incentivise your users to stay longer with more services

One integration to many services

Reap the benefits of multiple services without hassle

Boost revenue

Create a new revenue stream through the additional services

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