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Issuing 1

Issue cards and wallets

Create, issue and manage your own virtual and physical card or digital wallet to meet business and customer retention needs.

Set up quickly to streamline transactions, reduce fraud exposure, and create new revenue streams.

Endless possibilities

Our cards and wallets are highly customisable, to suit business payment and customer retention needs.

Issuing 2
Physical card
Physical Card

Physical payment card

Virtual card
Virtual card

Digital payment card

Digital wallet
Digital wallet

Digital money holder with many add-on functions

We support

Stored value
Stored value or debit function
Card scheme
International card schemes for global reach
One time payment
Single or multiple use
Loyalty and rewards capabilities

Top-ups Made Easy

We facilitate card and wallet reloads through a variety of payment methods.
Credit or debit
Cash top up over the counter/kiosk
Internet or mobile banking

Streamline Business Payments

Our virtual card solution gives you full control over your payments. Set custom rules, monitor the whole payment process on a dashboard in real-time, from the issuance of a card, to delivery and payment completion.

Business Payment


Quick and convenient

No more manual reconciliation of bookings and payments

Simple and cost effective

Preload exact amount, and reduce the cost of international payments


Reduce fraud exposure as company account number is not revealed

Flexible integration

We support server-to-server API, mobile SDKs and plugins

Issuing 3

Boost customer relationships

Issue your own physical consumer card or digital wallet to create strong lock-in, promote purchase of your products and services, and generate new streams of revenue. You can also build in loyalty capabilities to attract new and returning customers over the long term.



PCI DSS Level 1 certified, with real-time risk management and fraud detection functions

Easy to manage promotions

Manage promotions on our dashboard


Built on an open platform with easy navigation and command execution

Issuing 4

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